What is hyoxysone ointment used for: instructions and reviews

Hyoxysone is intended for the treatment of any pathologies on the epidermis and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

This combined medical tool actively suppresses inflammation of the epidermis, even with various complications, infections. Also, the components of the drug have an antipruritic effect, soothe irritation, reduce the amount of collagen, inhibit the growth of connective tissues, reduce the processes of protein synthesis, proliferate.

On this page you will find all the information about Hyoxizone: complete instructions for use for this drug, average prices in pharmacies, complete and incomplete analogues of the drug, as well as reviews of people who have already used Hyoxysone ointment. Want to leave your opinion? Please write in the comments.

Clinico-pharmacological group

Drug with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action for external use.

Pharmacy sales terms

It is released without a prescription.


How much does hyoxysone ointment cost? The average price in pharmacies is 100 rubles.

Release form and composition

The ointment is available in tubes of 10 and 25 grams. Tuba with the instruction is in a carton.

The composition contains the following components:

  • Oxytetracycline hydrochloride - 30 mg;
  • hydrocortisone acetate - 10 milligrams.

Pharmacological effect

The active components of hyoxysone ointment have a depressant effect on the development of skin inflammatory reactions:

  • Hydrocortisone refers to glucocorticosteroids with anti-inflammatory, antiexudative, anti-allergic and antipruritic effects. The component helps to inhibit phagocytosis, reduce the synthesis of prostaglandins and leukotrienes and reduce the synthesis of proteins in the skin, which prevents the development of connective tissue.
  • Oxytetracycline belongs to the tetracycline antibiotics and has a bacteriostatic effect on bacteria (gram-positive and gram-negative) Treponema spp., Rickettsia spp., Mycoplasma spp.

The drug is especially effective in inflammations of allergic origin, which are complicated by bacterial infections.

What is it used for?

Hyoxyzon ointment includes the following indications:

  • lichen;
  • all forms of dermatitis;
  • inflammation of different parts of the ear;
  • dermatological pathology of the surface layers of the skin of allergenic origin;
  • acute inflammation of several hair sacs with the formation of pus and extensive skin death;
  • infectious diaper rash;
  • skin redness caused by excessive blood supply to the skin;
  • itching caused by insect bites.


According to the instructions, Hyoxysone is contraindicated for use in the following cases:

  1. Lupus;
  2. Perioral dermatitis;
  3. Skin diseases of viral etiology (herpes, chicken pox);
  4. Common or rosacea;
  5. Malignant tumors of the skin, precancerous condition;
  6. Fungal or bacterial skin lesions;
  7. Hypersensitivity to the active or auxiliary components that make up the drug.

Ointment Hyoxysone is not prescribed to children under eight years of age due to the lack of information about the effectiveness and safety of its use for this category of patients.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Use during pregnancy and lactation in a limited area, for example, on a lactating mammary gland, is possible if the expected benefit to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the fetus and child. Need to consult a doctor.

Instructions for use

The instructions for use indicate that Hyoxyzon ointment is used externally.

  • Apply a thin layer of 0.5-1 g 1-3 times a day on the affected areas or on sterile gauze, which covers the skin, tied up with a bandage. The duration of treatment is individual and depends on the degree of damage and localization. The course of treatment should not exceed two weeks.

When applying the drug on the skin of the face, the ointment should be applied 1 time per day with a thin layer or spot on the elements, and the course of treatment should not exceed 7-10 days.

Side effects

In rare cases, hyoxysone can trigger local side effects:

  • atrophy of subcutaneous tissue;
  • dry skin;
  • hypertrichosis;
  • inhibition of epidermis growth;
  • burning sensation, itching;
  • irritation;
  • rash;
  • skin atrophy;
  • inflammation of hair follicles;
  • potnitsa;
  • development of secondary bacterial or fungal infections;
  • skin discoloration or depigmentation
  • the appearance of perioral dermatitis and contact dermatitis;
  • discoloration of the skin.


With prolonged uncontrolled use of hyoxyzon ointment, a patient may develop symptoms of overdose, which manifest themselves in the form of an increase in the above-described side effects and various systemic deviations that often occur during treatment with glucocorticosteroids:

  1. Dizziness.
  2. Adrenal dysfunction.
  3. Heart rhythm disorders.

When using a large amount of ointment on the face may develop atrophy of the subcutaneous tissue in the area around the mouth.

Special instructions

During treatment with glucocorticosteroids should not be vaccinated due to the immunosuppressive effect of glucocorticosteroids.

If necessary, the use of the drug on the skin of the face, treatment should be short, due to increased absorption and the possibility of side effects.

Drug interactions

In the case of local use in the recommended dosage interaction was not detected. You should not use two or more medications at the same time without consulting your doctor, since it is possible to change the concentration of the active substance in the area of ​​application or redness of the skin.


We picked up some reviews of people about Hyoxysone:

  1. Jeanne. I always take this ointment with me when my husband and I go to the river, go fishing, the fact is that mosquitoes bite me terribly, and this tool helps me a lot, relieves itching and inflammation.
  2. Tanya. I learned about this ointment quite by accident. When we were in the country, I was bitten by mosquitoes. Most likely because of this, I developed an allergy. Mosquitoes always love me, so I know what a lot of bites are and how they itch. No doctor attributed this remedy to me. After all, for them mosquito bites are "garbage." In short, I decided to go to the pharmacy myself - they advised me to get Hyoxysin ointment. On the next such such outing, mosquitoes bit my child (5 years old). At first, I smeared pimples with baby cream, but the next day, the use of the remedy made everything worse - my daughter combed the bite spots so that she brought some infection there. Fortunately, there is Hyoxysin in my pharmacy - it helped immediately. The great advantage of this drug is that it is very cheap.
  3. Marina. I was advised by this beautician. I have enough problem skin and often subcutaneous pimples jump up, and if the composition is applied directly to the affected area, then after some time the pimple is reduced in its size by half. I use the tool before bedtime, applying a thin layer of it on the inflamed area - the effect pleases.


Synonyms of hyoxyson are Oxyzon and Oxicort, and the analogues are the following drugs:

  • Pimafukort;
  • Cortomycetin;
  • Fucidin G;
  • Oxycyclosol.

Before using analogues consult your doctor.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Hyoxysone must be kept out of the reach of children, at a temperature not exceeding 15 ° C.

The shelf life of the product is 3 years.

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