Tonsillitis - symptoms and treatment at home in adults

Tonsillitis affects the tonsils, thereby causing inflammation in them. It belongs to the group of infectious diseases, the causative agent of which is a viral or bacterial infection. Acute tonsillitis is often referred to as angina, and its chronic form is diagnosed in 10-15% of the world's population. The characteristic symptoms of tonsillitis are manifested in an increase in body temperature, which is accompanied by pain in a grief of varying intensity.

Ischemic cerebral stroke

Ischemic stroke is a brain infarction, it develops with a significant decrease in cerebral blood flow. Among the diseases leading to the development of cerebral infarction, the first place is occupied by atherosclerosis, affecting the great brain vessels in the neck or intracranial vessels, or both.

What to do at a pressure of 140 to 90, and is it dangerous?

Pressure 140 to 90 in medical terminology is known as a state of borderline hypertension, since for some people this is normal, and for most it is the first sign of the onset of the disease. Age-related changes in the body, as a rule, lead to the further development of this condition - a steady increase in pressure, and there is a risk of certain diseases of the cardiovascular system.